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Creative Reflexology
Foot Reflexology • Facial Reflexology • Nerve Reflexology • Vertical Reflex Therapy
Laura Page
Foot Reflexology • Facial Reflexology • Nerve Reflexology • Vertical Reflex Therapy


VRT (Vertical Reflex Therapy) developed by Lynne Booth.
Lynne Booth is based in Bristol. This dynamic and powerful technique works on the top of the foot while weight bearing. VRT is relatively brief and incorportating these techniques enhances treatments and can be especially helpful for joint problems.

ART (Advanced Refelexology Techniques) developed by Tony Porter.
Tony Porter is based in London. Tony has developed an unique approach which is stimulating and strongly effective; many of the techniques employ the use of knuckles and so reduce strain on the hands of the therapist.

FRS (Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem) developed by Lone Soerensen.
Lone Sorensen is now based in Barcelona, and is a native of Denmark where she began her training in Reflexology in 1978. Lone developed her system of Facial Reflexology in Denmark and Argentina and works internationally bringing training and many developments in the field of Reflexology.

NR (Nerve Reflexology) developed by Nico Pauly.
Nico Pauly is based in Belgium. Nico is a physiotherapist and pioneering

FTR (Foot Tapping Reflexology)

Peter Tomlinson, whom I trained with in 1994, together with his colleague Jean Allenby have come up with an exciting new system of reflexology. It is called Foot Tapping Reflexology, FTR, and works by combining the energy therapy EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with reflexology to create an unique way of working. The combination of the vibrational tapping techniques he and Jean have developed with reflexology profoundly enhances the effectiveness of the treatment and the release of emotional pain.

AoR (Association of Reflexologists)

This is the professional organisation to which I belong.  The AoR is the only UK reflexology membership organisation that are members of both RiEN and the Reflexology Forum and also the CNHC. Their website is a great resource to both pratitioners and the general public.

Histoy of Reflexology

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