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Laura Page Dip.R, Dip. NR, Dip.FRS, Dip.AT, Dip.AP

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Creative Reflexology
Foot Reflexology • Facial Reflexology • Nerve Reflexology • Vertical Reflex Therapy
Laura Page
Foot Reflexology • Facial Reflexology • Nerve Reflexology • Vertical Reflex Therapy

About me

I can hardly remember a time when I was not interested in the well-being of those around me. I have always preferred an integrated approach, consulting our family GP as well as other healthcare professionals alongside complementary therapy professionals as appropriate.  Over the years using natural remedies and complementary approaches has become a mainstay in supporting and maintaining the good health and well-being of my family and myself.

I guess in hindsight it is not surprising that I began my journey with Complementary Therapy when my children were young. A major part of the motivation for training in Reflexology in 1994 was to add to my skills and knowledge of natural healing methods to use with my family. Twenty years later I am still on that journey, and although becoming a a Reflexology Practitioner was not my original intention it did quickly become my vocation.

In my practice I encourage self-help. I strongly believe that making informed choices about our own health is empowering and helpful, and an understanding of how we arrive at a place of illness and dis-ease can be a very useful tool in the recovery process.  I seek to educate and provide information and techniques/exercises that my clients can use between treatments. In this way the beneficial effects of treatment (both complementary and conventional) are enhanced and maintained.

I continue to enhance and add to my skills through ongoing training which I consider to be a vital part of my practice. Most profound of all, however, is the insight and learning which occurs with my clients during the work we do together on their individual healing journeys.

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